Chris Bøg

Every Tool's a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It

Recommendation: 8/10. Author: Adam Savage ISBN: 1982113499. External link: Goodreads.

If you are looking for a MythBusters "behind the scenes", this is not it. And if you want to learn more about MythBusters-Adam Savage, this is probably not the book you want either, because the Adam who comes across in this book is much more thoughtful and deep than the "character" he portrays on MythBusters. If you want to learn more about that guy this book is just what you are looking for.

I loved the first third of the book, liked the second third, and was a bit bored by the last third. The first part centered around Adams process of being creative, and the insights he brings are amazing. The second is more about how Adam became Adam, an interesting tale to say the least. And the last part catered more to ... well, not so much to me, I felt. It was more about specific tricks for accomplishing things in the shop, and though I like to work in my own shop, this part was just a bit boring compared to the rest of the book.

All in all, if you like Adam Savage, and want to learn more about him and how he became so great at creating things, and being creative, this book is well worth your time.