Chris Bøg

Form, Relation, System, Fiktion: En antologi om nutidige og fremtidige penge-systemer

Recommendation: 10/10. Authors: Jack Jones, Johanne Aarup Hansen, Asmus Lauridsen, Pernille Gøtz ISBN: 9788797123300. External link: Bogreolen.

In a spectacular graphical booklet, "Form, Relation, System, Fiktion" introduces the reader to the reality of cash money, digital money, and where most of our money anno 2019 originates, and the inherent problem with this.

The book is in the form of an anthology, including everything from economics to poems and photos from art exhibitions. The book is a quick, entertaining, and enlightening read.

For anybody with an interest in money – not how to acquire them, but what they are – past, present, and future, this is a must read.