Chris Bøg

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Recommendation: 8/10. Author: Yuval Noah Harari ISBN: 0062316095. External link: Goodreads.

Sapiens is Hararis take on how us humans got to where we are today. It's a great read, however a bit dry in the "second act", and while the book is probably mostly presented as being based on scientific evidence, it's obvious after the firsts parts that it's Hararis take more than it's what the current scientific consensus is, which is okay, especially because it presents a perspective on some topics that I find novel and intriguing, it's just not how I was first introduced to the book.

It is a great book. Anybody who is interested in our collective history should definitely read it. It's not as dry and utterly boring as a lot of other books written about the same topics are.